Skills Plux was established in 2019 by a team of experienced Registered Care Managers of over 20 years’ experience in the Health and Social Care sector.   It is an agency that specialises in health care training, recruitment and consultation in all aspects of health and social care matters.  Our services include the supply of temporary workers to day centres, private clients, hospitals, nursing and residential homes.  We provide long and short team care staff as per required. 

We are committed to supporting and developing the career of anyone who chooses to devote their profession to the care sector.  We help to kick-start the careers of new and returning healthcare professionals by supporting them to find their next job opportunity.


Skillsplux is an expert in the provision of skills, qualifications, recruitment and consulting in the health and social sector. We inspire our customers to commit to a quality programme for their staff which will enable them to improve the well-being and quality of the services they provide.


  • To improve the quality of services of our customers.
  • To deliver quality programmes that raise standards and promote best practices
  • To be committed to the sector and work closely with our customers to enable them deliver excellent and quality services.
  • To be a customer-centric organisation, putting our customers and the people they support at the heart of all we do.
  • To work in partnership with organisations, developing close working relationships with them based on mutual trust, understanding and openness.

Training and Development

Skillsplux parades a team of highly qualified, competent and professional Instructors, Trainers, Assessors and Quality Assurers who are very experienced in their respective fields and are highly skilled putting the needs of the trainees into consideration. Some courses are government funded and hence are offered free to learners.

We offer training that will enable people to get back as quick as possible into job market.

We offer quality Information, Advice and Career Guidance to people particularly locals and assist them in deciding how best to progress in life. Information on employability and support with the preparation of curriculum vitae, interview skills as well as help with job applications are given.


As we act on behalf of some health and social care providers, we seek for dedicated and professional individuals that have a passion for care. While recruiting our applicants, we have various stages that applicants need to go through in order to be successful in the application/selection process.

We interview applicants over the phone. If satisfied, then stage 2, where they are interviewed face to face. After this stage, the required documents are requested. The new employee then completes the induction training.

We undergo this safer recruitment process to certify that we are recruiting the right candidate as for the health and social care sector.

Our recruitment is based on equal opportunity.


Skills Plux is a Consultancy Company that truly understands your business needs. We can assist you set up your own Health and Social Care Agency and register your agency with the Care Quality Commission (CQC)

If you are considering setting up your own care agency, require assistance with an existing service or a review of documentation, then Skills Plux can provide you with that support.

Our consultancy services support individuals and organizations to set up new businesses.

we provide services that truly understands the demands of the health and social care sector giving the best advice, providing you with peace of mind. We also provide special advisory services regarding any related issue within the sector and this could be either on a long term or short-term basis that is fully flexible to your organizational needs.

Below are some of the services we provide to customers

Initial audit/assessment

  • Reviewing documents. This is based on the information received.
  • Verbal and written feedback/findings provided after reviewing documents.  
  • Creating a Service Improvement Plan based on findings from audit
  • Reviewing the SIP according to deadlines
  • Checking that deadlines on the SIP have been met and check that the assigned task has been properly completed.
  • Ongoing Quality Monitoring / consultancy
  • Work with you to ensure ongoing compliance
  • Seeking to ensure that the service is continuously rated Good or Outstanding
  • Safeguarding solutions- address/investigating safeguarding and complaints, work with you to ensure there are hardly any safeguarding
  • Unannounced visit to the service office
  • Unannounced telephone monitoring to staff and service users- in line GDPR
  • Reviewing your KPI
  • Customised templates as required


Other services

Tender writing

CQC Registration

Mentoring / Coaching Registered manager in readiness for CQC interview

Domiciliary Agency Care set up


Trouble shooting- working with service providers who want to improve CQC rating or improve their service as a whole

Clients’ files

Staff files

We provide a service on a long or short-term basis that is totally flexible irrespective of the size of your business.

We will work with you to assess your care needs so that we can agree the best way forward to meet any longer-term support needs you may have.