Our range of Health and Social Care courses are designed to support learners whether they’re just starting in the industry or are experienced care workers.

Our training programme combines classroom theory with practical demonstrations. Workbooks and assessments are also included to help develop and improve healthcare knowledge and skills. To make each training program realistic and engaging, we also encompass group participation and interactive exercises. With our in-depth training programme, candidates will gain the vital healthcare knowledge and help to create a better future for themselves and their clients.

We often start our training sessions with an overview of Skills Plux structure and the services we offer. This allows candidates to have a full understanding of our company, our key values and expectations. Following that is a discussion on employee responsibilities, the role of a care worker and key policies and procedures.

At Skills Plux, we provide regular training for our care workers. Training is key to helping our care workers understand and facilitate safe and effective customer care, giving them the confidence and competence to deliver an outstanding care service.

Our training programme is designed to provides a unique opportunity to begin a career within the health care sector.  Skills Plux provides all the training, support, and supervision needed to become a competent Healthcare Worker.


In line with many aspects of our service and the care we provide, good H&S practise is partly predicated upon thorough training.  All new staff receive comprehensive induction training prior to working with clients. A good part of induction is spent on H&S, including manual handling training, infection control and safeguarding.

Following induction and in conjunction with training, all care workers undertake yearly refresher training, again with a strong emphasis on correct H&S practise.

Staff are given a handbook, which contains the key policies and procedures concerning their practice, including H&S and conduct. They have easy access to all policies and procedures of the company including the H&S Manual.

Conduct and Discipline

We have policies and procedures that we use to deal with Conduct and Discipline of staff who work outside the expected behaviour of a social care worker. The policies deal with misconduct and gross misconduct issues.